Hoping the old cliché is not true...

This old dog is about to learn some new tricks. 

melaniewinters.com is the  blog of Melanie Winters, founder and co-owner of Pixel Loon, a graphic design company offering a variety of personalized design services. After several years of teaching, Melanie realized the need for a career change. Hoping to find something that would provide more flexibility and sanity for the long term, she started brainstorming options. Tapping into her design roots from Architecture School, Brian (Melanie's husband) suggested she start her own company.  Having seen her do a number of projects from wedding stationary and decor packages, to event flyers and promotions, Brian seemed confident in Melanie's ability to learn new software, hone her skills and build a successful career on her own terms.  

In addition to her design talents, Melanie demonstrates a passion for sports, volunteer work, cooking and entertaining.  These varying interests gave birth to the idea for melaniewinters; a lifestyle blog that, at best, may inspire someone to try something new, and at worst, will serve as a scattered documentation of Melanie's escapades. Enjoy.