Whether it’s ideas for a wedding registry, housewarming registry, baby registry, or just good old adult gift giving, here are the top 10 kitchen accessories that are must haves in every home.

Whether it’s ideas for a wedding registry, housewarming registry, baby registry, or just good old adult gift giving, here are the top 10 kitchen accessories that are must haves in every home.

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Starting a gift registry soon or thinking about gift ideas for a birthday or the upcoming holidays? As adults, our idea of a good gift has evolved quite a bit since the days of Barbie dream homes and Nerf guns. Give us the not-so-exciting stuff like a cast iron skillet or a vacuum, or hey, let’s go crazy and say socks even…

Looking at all the kitchen and home accessories available, it’s pretty easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of things you don’t really need. Sure, there’s some awesome “nice to have” items like a waffle maker, KitchenAid mixer and all of the Le Creuset cookware. But, while these are all awesome items, they get used once in a blue moon.

I started thinking about what items we use practically every single day that I couldn’t imagine my kitchen without. Whether you love to be in the kitchen cooking, or meal prep is just a necessary evil that you deal with as quickly as possible, these ten items are our top picks to make your kitchen experience just a little bit better.

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If you plan on living with another human or perhaps produce your own tiny humans, it’s time to upgrade to a 4-slice toaster. Between my husband and my 14 month-old, this sucker gets used just about every single day because, well, carbs.


2. Ninja Blender

Another guy that gets used every. single. day, sometimes twice a day. This thing makes me a delicious single serve smoothie every single day and the blades and motor still work like new. The pitcher is perfect for everything from grinding meat to making sauces and milkshakes. Best part? Super easy to clean - hello dishwasher.


3. Fruit Bowl

YOU HAVE TO GET A FRUIT BOWL WITH A BANANA HOOK. Yup, that’s all-caps worthy. Keep those bananas from bruising by hanging them up and thus leaving room for a plethora of other yummy produce.


4. Spoon Rest

I mean, does this even need an explanation? I think not, but let me just point out that this gem also has a lid holder… score.


5. Mixing Bowl

No, I’m not big into baking. These do come in handy, however, for throwing items that need to be hand washed in (read - lots of my baby utensils/cups/etc). I rinse them, throw them in a bowl next to the sink and then fill with hot soapy water at the end of the day to wash. Yeah, they’re good for mixing stuff too.


6. Cheese Grater

Not just any cheese grater. You need a fine parmesan cheese grater that can double for any number of things needing more of a microblade like ginger, lemon zest, and chocolate!


7. Garlic Press

I was skeptical at first too, but say goodbye to peeling garlic first because this press from Pampered Chef just does it all. Mind. Blown. If you miss that garlic perfume that’s stuck on your hands for days post peeling, just rub some garlic straight on those pressure points - it’ll smell just like you put in all that work.


8. Knife Block

It’s time to upgrade your kitchen cutlery and keep it out of reach of toddler hands. Get a block with a great chef’s knife and sharpener.


9. Tool Canister

I hate searching through drawers for the right tool while I’m mid-meal. Put your most used whisks, tongs, spatulas and spoons in a canister right next to the stove.


10. Wine Rack

Unless you’re living it up with your own wine cellar, get a wine rack to keep your precious vino just an arm’s length away. Having it out will also ensure that you always know when you’re getting low and need to make a wine run! Bonus if your wine wrack doubles as decoration like this one!


What are your go-to Kitchen tools? Comment below and don’t forget to share with your friends who are starting that next chapter!