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Parents-to-be are increasingly choosing coed baby showers over the more traditional girls only route. We're kicking the cheesy old shower games to the curb in favor of modern games fit for guys and gals alike.  Check out this Excelsior Baby Shower for a unique mix of classic and contemporary.


Classic: Paper Invites

Paper invites are a traditional staple for any major life event. Evites are great sometimes but for a couple's first baby shower add a little something extra with personalized printed invitations and fun textures like tulle or burlap. 

Invitations by Pixel Loon.

Contemporary: A Gluten Free Menu


Gluten Free isn't just for celiacs. There are so many great gluten free dishes now that your nonGF friends won't even miss it.  The spread: Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, Caprese Skewers, Fruit & Chocolate Dessert Skewers, Fresh Veggies, Chips & Salsa, Italian Marinated Cheese and Olives with GF Pretzels, Quinoa & Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes, and GF Carrot Cake Cupcakes. Drinks included red and white wine, cider, beer (not GF), cucumber and rosemary water, and a non-alcoholic mojito. 

Classic: Fresh Flowers


Fresh sunflowers are perfect for brightening up tables. Floating in vases, standing tall, or laying flat, the sunflower is super versatile for any table-scape. 

Contemporary: Cupcakes instead of Cake


Cake is great, but cupcakes are even better! Add some baby-themed decoration to the top and you're set. This carrot cake recipe is hands down the best, and to make it gluten free simply substitute your favorite all-purpose GF flour. I used Bob's Red Mill. Spread cupcakes among tables for a decorative twist.

Classic: Present Opening


Let's not forget the purpose of a baby shower - to shower soon-to-be parents and baby with gifts! While it's hard to take a break from the socializing and games, take a few minutes to let them open their schwag. 

Contemporary: Non-Cheesy Shower Games


Get the men involved with a guys only new-parent obstacle course! Here they need to get baby out of the car seat, strap into the stroller, run around the house, change a diaper, change into PJs and swaddle, read a book and sprint to the finish line. 


Disclaimer: Mom-to-be's bottle is filled with water. :) 

Girls and guys alike can enjoy a friendly drinking competition, this one just happens to be out of a baby bottle.  For the baby-bottle beer chug, we'd recommend just filling it half way, this is much more difficult than one would think!


Set up some yard games for guests to play on their own.  One or two formal shower games (baby-bottle-beer chug, and new parent olympics were ours) is plenty - give your attendees a chance to chill out and socialize.

Not everyone is a joiner.  Some people take a little longer than others to realize just how awesome your shower games are.  Motivate everyone (especially the guys) with a Champion Beer Cake prize.