If nothing else, at least there's good food to look forward to on Super Bowl Sunday. 

If nothing else, at least there's good food to look forward to on Super Bowl Sunday. 

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As a Minnesota Vikings fan it's safe to say that I'm still more than a little salty about the way this season ended up and the two teams who just arrived in my town to play on Sunday. While I know there are plenty of perfectly lovely Patriots and Eagles fans (some of my family, in fact), I still have a bad taste in my mouth from some of the stories and footage I've seen over the past couple weeks. Thus, I can't bring myself to back either team or really even care about this game at all. So, on Sunday we'll have people over and I'll be more focused on the food than the football. The good news is, insane fans aside, the east coast is at least good for one thing; delicious food. 

I've enjoyed "one whiz with" at Sonny's and at Jim's in Philadelphia. I've devoured clam chowder at Quincy Market and had the best Boston Cream Pie of my life at Legal Harborside. When we travel we do our best to get to the heart of each city and find THE BEST food. The Northeast does not disappoint and is absolutely worthy of being the star of the show via our Super Bowl party food. 

Have some extra time? Make these dishes from scratch and keep it real, it will be that much better! If you hadn't heard though... I had a baby six months ago. Making a New England inspired spread from scratch just isn't in the cards for me this year so I'm letting you know how to get it done by combining some store-bought items with semi-homemade dishes. #NoShame 

1. New England Clam Chowder

Alright, true New Englanders are going to go crazy over this, but I'm actually just going to use some good ol' canned Progresso New England Clam Chowder. It's going in a slow cooker so it can stay warm and people can help themselves throughout the night. Oyster crackers on the side are a must. I would LOVE to make homemade chowder but it's just not in the cards right now. If you are baby-free or super-woman (or man), make it from scratch

2. Giant Soft Pretzel

This giant soft pretzel recipe from PopSugar is AWESOME! Seriously so easy, and a huge hit - I mean, who doesn't love a soft pretzel and cheese! 

Soft Pretzels

3. Philly Cheese Steaks

Whether you do a build your own cheese steak bar or make a big batch in slider form, Philly Cheesesteaks are a must. One whiz with please! This is the classic recipe that we'll be using from What's Cooking America

Philly Cheese Steak

4. Cheese Whiz

Okay, so this isn't really a party food on it's own, but it is an ESSENTIAL accoutrement to both the cheese steaks and the soft pretzel. I'm going to just put a couple jars of it in a small round slow cooker and let people load it on. I'll also set out some tortilla chips to use as spoons for those like me who just like to shovel that processed cheese product straight into their mouths.

5. Fresh Vegetables with a Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dip

Vegetables... because #health. I guess some people don't want to be stuck eating pretzels, meat and a processed cheese product all night long. I don't get it... but I will appease them. Baby carrots, sweet peppers and grape tomatoes will be set out with this herbed cream cheese dip from Genius Kitchen

6. Boston Cream Pie

Another one that if you have the time to make homemade, go for it. I; however, do not have such time so I am going to go pick up a lovely store-bought one the day before. If I'm feeling really crazy I may pick up some Tastykakes as well. 

7. Sam Adams and Rolling Rock

Don't forget the beer. Sam Adams from Boston and Rolling Rock from PA are the perfect way to round out your Super Bowl LII Team Inspired Party Menu. 

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